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The denomination to which we belong is the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus Inc. We are part of this corporation of more than 500 churches spread throughout the United States, Mexico, South America, Canada and some European nations.

Every four (4) years, in a General Convention, eight officials are elected to direct our organizations whose offices are in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This executive board is presently presided over by Bishop President Rev. Baldemar Rodriguez.

At the national level, the Assembly is structured into Districts. Each district is supervised by a bishop. The Districts are also structured into Sectors which are supervised by an Elder.

Our Pentecostal movement had its origin in the beginning of the 19th century on Azuza Street in Los Angeles, California; world renown in the history of Pentecostalism. People from all natinalities came to this place mainly to receive the experience of "speaking in tougues".

A Hispanic by the last name of Navarro, who had received this experience at the mission on Azuza street, came into contact with another Hispanic named Francisco F. Llorente, originally from Acapulco; who baptized him and later baptized Marcial de la Cruz, a native of Torreon. These three ministers moved from the ranks of the Anglo-Saxon church to preach amongst the Hispanics. They began to spread themselves throughout Riverside, Colton, San Bernandino, Los Angeles and Watts. This initial group was affiliated with the "Pentescostal Assemblies of the World".

In 1961 Antonio Castaneda Nava joined this small group. He was given the responsibility of giving the Apostolic Assembly the form, character and possibility to be transformed into the strongest Pentescostal organization within the Hispanic people of this nation.

The ideas and zeal of this "great man of God" impressed upon the Apostolic Assembly the direction to follow. Through his ministry, which spanned almost 50 years, our organization was registered in California in 1930 with the aforementioned name. When Antonio Nava and his associates legalized the institute, their intensions were to name it the Apostolic Church; but they discovered that another organization already had that same name. Nevertheless, he saw his wishes fulfilled by giving the sister organization in Mexico, which at one time pertained to the Assembly, the name of the Apostolic Church in 1932. Since then both churches, through seperated geographically and culturally, practice the same doctrine; emphasizing in water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost baptism with the evidence of speaking in other tougues as mentioned in Acts 2:38.